Muon was established to meet the growing needs of our clients who are looking not only for document translation solutions, but more holistic solutions to enable exporting and importing of goods throughout the Asia Pacific region and into the English speaking countries of the USA, UK, and Australia. Today, our customer base and the range of services we are able to provide is continually growing.

We currently have offices in Japan and Hong Kong, and expect to open an office in Thailand in the near future. Call us today for any import/export, internationalization, or software projects, or any assistance growing your business into the Asia-Pacific region.

Managing Director

Muon Enterprises Limited was established by managing director Matthew Fagan in 2014. Matthew has extensive experience in the software, localization, and software industries, working for over 15 years as a freelance translator translating scientific and technical papers in the Japanese English language pair, and working for over 10 years in the software development industry starting as a C++ developer and moving on to become a project manager.


We Provide quality Services

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